Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 15 - Pre Machu Pichu Shennanigans

It´s been two weeks...and we´re still hiking. Today we went up the mountain Sucharit had wandered off to a few days ago, Saqsaywaman. The uphill trek wasn´t exactly pleasant, but let´s just say I got used to the endless set of steps. Lunch was at yet another Govinda´s. This one, unlike the other two we have visited, actually had Indian food. I treated myself to some corn soup, salad, and a main course of rajma, chawal, and bhindi sabji. Before our day trip to Saqsaywaman, I made a point to not repeat the mistake I had already made two times already. I got my rajma chawal packed and took it up wit me to the mountain so I wouldn´t go hungry.

Once we reached the top, the road was fairly flat. Cattle and horses passed us numerous times, and a group of boys were playing football with makeshift goals. We must have been fairly high, because I felt extremely short of breath a few times, the kind where taking in gulpfuls of air is not enough. It didn´t last long; there´s nothing a little rest can´t fix.

The weather today was gorgeous - sunshine mixed in with a cool breeze now and then. We were sitting on the main plaza, getting our daily dosage of vitamin D, when a small girl came by and pointed to the mosambi in Sucharit´s backpack. "Para mi?" she said. I gave her the fruit and she got a bit braver. With another "For me?" she went for the cough drops. Carefully observing Sucharit listening to his Ipod, she took one of his headphones and listened intently to the music on the other end. No one can say no to a cute little girl.

Tomorrow we leave for the Salkantay Trail, ending in Machu Pichu. I am excited to wake up at 4 am and see if the $170 I paid will be worth each hard earned dollar.

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