Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 26 - More Bollywood Love

It´s August already? Wowza. There was a celebration in honor of Pachamama, or Mother Earth Day at the Temple of the Moon at 10 am. We did not go as Nikhil´s dentist appointment was scheduled at the same time. It was his last phase of treatment, and we were seven minutes late. However, the dentist didn´t show up until forty minutes later. We spent that time chatting with Elita, the dental assistant. I don´t believe I´ve ever had a conversation about Bollywood for that long. Elita was more hardcore than I had initially imagined. She showed us a makeshift Hindi-Spanish vocab list she carries in her purse. She is also planning on visiting India next December. On top of her love for Indian cinema, she is also a craftswoman. Elita took out a pair of beautiful blue earrings from a dainty gift bag. I was admiring them when she looked at me and said, "They´re for you." It was an incredibly thoughtful gift. I plan on sending her something Bollywoody when this trip is over. Ideas are welcome.

Tonight, we take a bus back to Puno, where we´ll be reunited with Sucharit. At this point, I´ve taken enough overnight rides that I know what to do; get on the bus, sleep, and wake up when the bus stops. We´re opting for the cheapest deal yet. "Real" offers a ride to Puno for twenty soles per person. Sure, the bus smells like stale bread and a television above our heads is creaking at every jolt. As long as we make it to Puno safely, I´m content.

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  1. BOLLYWOOD- you can either hate it or love it, but certainly can not ignore it. Jai Ho!!