Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 36 - Bolivia...Check

I couldn´t think of anything with a "V". I suppose that means I lost. Anyhow, today was our day to catch the bus to Arequipa via Copacabana and Puno. Since the bus was in the afternoon, we had the morning to relax and extract whatever we could out of La Paz. It was a sunny morning, just like every other day at the capital. As I climbed the stairs up the streets, I realized I wasn´t panting anymore. Here I was finally getting used to this place and we were leaving already. Time needs to slow down.

In the few minutes we had before taking a taxi to the terminal, Nikhil decided to buy a qena, the traditional Andean flute. When he finally got one he liked, we were already a bit late. We rushed to get our bags. In this franticity, I forgot to pick up my drying towel from the clothesline. Later, I found out that the boys forget theirs´as well. Between the three of us, the towel loss tally was now a whopping six.

The bus ride to Copacabana was short and nap-infused. Just like before, we crossed the small lake in a boat and finished the trip to Copacabana via bus. We left the city just as we had arrived there - during a gorgeous sunset. From there, a packed combi took us to the Peru-Bolivia border. Unlike last time, there was no bullfight in session. Through the open border, I saw the stone seats where the audience must have sat for the spectacle. The combi took us to Puno. It was on this minibus that an Italian girl sat next to Sucharit. Nikhil and I eavesdropped on their conversation, filled by her frequent laughter. Was Sucharit that funny? The two of us giggled at their interactions. We really shouldn´t have given him such a hard time. We were not the only ones eyeing them...the girl´s parents were sitting accross from her. The mother kept glancing at her daughter and Sucharit, casting (dis)approving looks.

A Jean Claude Van Dam film played on the TV screen. Fortunately, there were plenty of close-ups of his chiselled figure. Unfortunately, the bumpy ride and poor quality DVD led to freezing scenes every few seconds. The Spanish dubbing and lack of subtitles also aided in lulling me to sleep.

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