Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 41 - A Top Ten To Conclude

What I'm going to miss about the land of the Incas:

1. The twirly skirts the women wear in dances, solely for the purpose of showing their undies. It's quite a scandalous traditional dance.

2. The grandiose, offical-like flag raising ceremonies we've seen in so many cities. Apparently, they occur on a weekly basis. It gives people a reason to sit on a plaza for hours, while watching parades and listening to live music.

3. The plazas! What a great concept it is to have a center of the city where people can mingle, eat, feed pigeons, and get their shoes shined.

4. Despite what some say about the lack of vegetarian options in Peru and Bolivia, I very much enjoyed being a vegetariana here. Chaufa (fried rice) and bread+cheese were loyal through the tough times.

5. Being around two guys who couldn't care less about punctuality. On the flipside, their sense of direction allowed me to not pay attention to where we were headed. This made the streets seem new and unexplored.

6. The constellations I witnessed every time I looked up at night. The beauty of the Southern Hemisphere sky has raised my bar for teh standard of a clear night. If I can't see the Milky Way Galaxy, it's too cloudy.

7. After all the walking and hiking I've done here, I don't need a car anymore. Besides, Austin's Hill Country is a flatland compared to Cusco's streets.

8. My Spanish speaking skills have gone from 1% proficiency to 9% proficiency. If I keep watching dubbed Hollywood films, I just might claim myself as Habla Espanol by next year.

9. Talking to strangers who I wouldn't have met were I not travelling. From nomadic hippies to French Mauritians to Bollywood loving Peruanos, each person had a story to tell and I wanted to hear it. If I find an alpaca-wearing Austinite, there's definitely going to be a conversation.

10. Losing my prized possessions. Regardless of their monetary value the camera, water bottle, kajol, towels, chapstick, and headband were all precious to me. Losing them in South America made the loss all the more memorable. Wait...make that two chapsticks.

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