Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Life changes after you get married.

I keep hearing the same tired phrase over and over again. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I will be transformed into my “Mrs.” Avatar sooner than I realize. In fact, I have surprised myself by enjoying certain parts of the daily seven hour shopping sprees I have embarked on for the past two weeks.

Leave home at 11 am. Lunch is a maybe. The winter sun sets at around 5:30 pm, yet we are on the streets until 6, sometimes 7 pm. Getting a gold set was mentally exhausting. The logic behind gold is that it's an investment. It looks good if it's not a sickly yellow. I got my set oxidized. An antique finish, it's called. In other words, it looks old but costs a crapload.

Some days it was getting the perfect sari. Silk is the most beautiful to look at and the designs are gorgeous. Crepe has an amazing velvet-through-your-hands feel. Mysore silk, georgette, chiffon...the technical terms are engrained in my mind. Then there are the salwar-kameezes. It took countless hours to find something that wasn't weighted down with fake gemstones. "It's the latest trend," I kept hearing. Gag. Mammi got me four suits. Nikhil's mother got me a few as well. And people are shocked because I've bought too little. You can't make everyone happy, but you can bring a smile to the faces of those that matter.

I don't enjoy shopping, but being positive has helped me enjoy some portions of the overall pre-shaadi experience. Like the salesmanship of fabric sellers. I love how the customer is treated like royalty. Would you like some chai? Coffee perhaps? Chottu, go get madam a soft drink! An airy piece of fabric is crisply placed in front of me. The color, the texture, the print, the threadwork - I have twenty seconds to inspect it. Then another piece is draped on top of the first. One of a kind piece. You won't find this anywhere. This is exclusive, I took it out just for you. The keywords blur into one another until I can predict what they are about to say.

Beauty parlors get a category of their own. They pluck, they tweek, they pull at your hair like it's made of jute. I had a trial today where they showed me what my hair would look like at the reception. The result was beyond taking a picture. Imagine the most unflattering hairstyle possible and combine it with blowdried, and uber-gelled hair and an awkward "puff". The outcome - utter disaster. Thank goodness it's over with before the big day.

The functions begin tomorrow.

Dec 30 - Mehendi and Sangeet aka singing and dancing non-stop from the bride's side. That's me.

Dec 31 - Mehendi and Sangeet and New Yr's eve from Nikhil's side.

Jan 1 - Wedding at an Arya Samaji wedding during the day.

Jan 2 - Evening reception with lots of delicious cholesterol laden food.

Hang on to your horses. We're galloping now.

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