Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Tryst With Green Eye Shadow

An hour and a half of getting ready can get frustrating. I'm talking pulling-your-hair-out-wanting-to-squeeze-your-brains-out frustrating. Chitra, my bhabhi aka sister-in-law painted and pencil-ed all sorts of cosmetic gadgets on my face to prepare me for attending Nikhil's cousin's wedding. More than ninety minutes of attention on me. It was nice.

Chitra showed great patience and perseverance during her artistic endeavors. She had boxes and bags full of rainbows - eye shadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, rouge. And then there were the items I didn't recognize, strange gadgets that concealed and highlighted, so that in the end I was a shiny, green-eyeshadowed product.

What followed was a five minute photo session on the stairs, right next to the pretty fake flowers as Chitra clicked away and the rest of the family watched. Not at all awkard....
"Badi smart lag rahi ho!" I was complimented, as 'smart' implies 'good looking' here. Geeta Aunty came upstairs to see me. Word spread across the hallway that I was going to a wedding. I was waiting in the car downstairs when one of neighbors stopped by the car door. "I wanted to see what you looked like...You look very nice." And with that she was up and away.

I'm coming off as a narcissist as this post is very much about me. It's okay, I'm kind of a big deal :)
Lesson learnt: Makeup can actually make you look good. And it didn't feel caked, despite all the products applied. I don't plan on making it a habit, though. Two plump pimples popped up in the morning as a result of yesterday's purti-fying. Besides, green eyelids still creep me out.

The After


  1. I think Indians are some of the best at makeup. Btw..where's the pic of u w/ makeup?? We want to see too! ;)

  2. That was great! :)

    Anuj Sood