Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wedding Fever - It Could Happen To YOU!

Wedding Fever:
A temporary illness that is highly contagious. It is often acquired without the patient's knowledge and can not be cured until the disease runs its course. Wedding fever, or WF, tends to affect those minds first who are not the ones getting married. In fact, in my personal experience I have found that bride and groom are the last ones to be infected with WF.
Resistance is futile. No matter what your principles or personal philosophies, WF spares neither the rich nor the poor, the liberal nor the conservative. Even though it is called a 'fever' and an 'infection' WF is seen by many as a positive development in the weeks leading up to a marriage. In fact, it makes many groups within society (e.g. parents, friends, and other relatives of the to-be-wed) quite happy. The to-be-wed want to make their loved ones happy. Hence, resistance is futile.

Side effects can include, but are not limited to: many hours of shopping for jewelry, clothes, and household items, hand-delivering (or mailing if in separate city) invitations to most relatives so as to offend no one, tears and arguments and more tears ending in hugs and forgiveness, countless visits to the tailor for fittings, overflowing suitcases, and oodles of love to go around.

If you feel you have been infected/blessed with the nightmarish joy of WF, do not panic. WF can be a lovely experience if you are flexible and open to compromise. Be ready to accept rituals that you were opposed to at one time...although if you truly believe something to be wrong then draw the line. In times of frustration, remember three simple words: It will end.

Me Smiling in Sweet Relief


  1. you are too cute for words miss pragyaji :D

  2. wow...what a 180! I'm so happy that you are actually enjoying it!! love u! :)