Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dowry, Reading, and Poop

Highlights of the past week, posted for your reading pleasure.

1. Republic Day celebrations at a farmhouse that someone got as a dowry present; soft grass, organic vegetables, and a book in my lap. Beautiful.

2. Nikhil and I playing tremendous badminton against a college-age, testosterone-driven, smash-happy males. Nikhil took most of the plays, I got a few good ones in, we played with our heart and soul...and lost. Both games.

3. Spending hours playing with Nikhil's nephew, Lakshya. Imagine: 40 year old man trapped in 3 year old's body. He walks with a swagger that would put John Wayne to shame. Every once in a while I am reminded that he really is just a ridiculously cute kid. Like when he poops in his pants.

Lucky Bhaiya at the Bhagat-Gulati reception

4. Reading about the amazing Masters programs offered at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Going back to school has never been so exciting. It's almost as spectacular as sitting in a six-floor library, picking out a random book, and basking in its velvety silence (PCL, how I miss thee).

5. Refining my culinary skills. Paratha-making is practically perfected. Rotis are circular, and fluff up every once in a while. And let's not forget toast-for-breakfast-day. The best part is that they don't burn. The second to best part is that they are edible. Today is dal day.


  1. Random thought, I met you at PCL. I really miss the 6th floor windows that faced the Capitol.

    Farmhouse sounds divine as does the rest of your adventures!

  2. My cousin is @ the TATA institute of Social Sciences -- let me know if you want to get in touch :) I think you gals should talk; it would be amazing.

  3. You are so cute and so amazing. haha i can't believe you cook now! still rmbr helping you make pasta at the ballpark for your family!!! :D Good luck with your masters stuff and keep me in the loop when you decide the next step in your journey! love from TX!