Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free At Last!

There are some parts of married life that I quite enjoy. Putting sindoor in my maang, for example. There is a certain thrill about adding a new step to my post-shower routine. In the first few days, I would awkwardly sprinkle dark red powder with the assistance of a bobby pin. Thanks to Bhawna, fellow bahu at N-30, I discovered a whole another world of sindoor application methods. There's a pointy red lipstick pen which rises through a method similar to a gluestick. Let's not forget the genius of a red mascara stick - glides on smooth, no stray marks. The point is, it's still exciting. I do not feel as enthused about one particular symbol of newly acquired marital status - the choodas *insert dramatic music here*

Without going into excruciating detail, allow me to explain. The choodas are a set of red and ivory colored bangles worn by the bride for a certain period after marriage. Some people wear it for a year or more. Others go for the 1.25 month option. I opted for the 20 day course, and got them removed today.'s not called 'remove the choodas', it's 'vadhana'. 18 plastic bangles on each wrist, fitted so that as you move towards the elbow, their circumference increases. They click and clack with every action. They can be fairly obnoxious while doing daily tasks. And now I'm free of them. * sigh of relief *

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