Sunday, April 4, 2010


We were supposed to have a children's meeting at 6 pm. No one came. We hadn't given any reminders since last Wednesday in the hope that a more manageable number would come. A few 6-7 year olds were played Kabaddi downstairs. We didn't call them up. I suppose that reflects how lazy we felt. Oh well. We'll have a properly planned meeting some time in the coming week.

Laaduji helped us finish the survey in the evening. As we went through the last few homes of Shreeji ka Kheda, I experienced a sense of helplessness. Over the past four days we spoke to 67 people from 67 households. And all for what?

A man with a swollen face and limbs told me he goes to Baneda daily and pays a private doctor five Rupees to administer an injection. He doesn't know what ailment he suffers from. The man looked at me and asked if I could do something to help him. I couldn't just say no; maybe I wasn't brave enough. Instead, we all just sat in uncomfortable silence. It was better than giving false hope.

Getting this individual help wouldn't have been difficult. We could've accompanied him to the clinic, filled out some forms, and gotten him proper medical attention. But helping one person obligates us to help others in need. We aren't here to play God. We're here to work with the people, not for them. Such personal pleas force us into inaction, hence the helplessness.

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  1. my goodness, i can't believe how harsh it must feel not being able to help... but you're empowering them. slowly but surely everything will slowly unfold in their eyes and you nor they will be helpless. They'll help themselves. What a beautiful concept- hard to achieve, yes, but you can make it happen- i just know it!