Friday, April 23, 2010

Seven Memories for Seven Weddings

The last few days are a blur. Too many bright flashes of memory that hardly constitute a coherent chain of events. So I present to you the highlights (and lowlights) of the celebrations that culminated with a wedding - no make that seven weddings - today.

1. Night after night after night of dancing until utter exhaustion pulls me to bed.
2. Buying a new lehnga from Baneda and claiming it as my daily attire in the Kheda. While the excessive compliments inevitably lead to a bubbling ego, my body is much more ventilated in local attire.
3. Having multiple conversations with multiple women, and actually understanding some of them! This breakthrough lasted as long as they spoke slowly and repeated themselves multiple times.
4. Eating a communal dinner of puris, dal, and sweet daliya (lapsi) served by the men of the village. The delicious lapsi yielded an upset stomach. Fortunately, our homemade daliya soothed the obnoxious gurgling.
5. Purchasing an outlet to charge our phones/Kindle/laptop in the comfort of our own home. No more Baneda trips just to recharge electrical appliances at Shantaji's home. That was starting to get embarrassing anyway...
6. Being an insignficant speck amongst the vibrant mass of bodies that showed up at the marriage of seven couples: six pairs of tinsel-decked children and a deity with 'his' bride, the young peepul tree.
7. After the wedding, coming home sleep-deprived and passing out on the charpai. Heavenly.


  1. I would love to see you in lehnga from Baneda. Pl. tag the picture in your next blog.