Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disappointing No-Show

8 am: Walked to the NREGA work site to hold the Sarpanch meeting.

8:20 am: No sign of Ram Singh. Male worker told us Sarpanch came a while back asking for us. When the worker said we weren't there Ram Singh left.

8:25: Called Sarpanch to reschedule meeting at Shreeji Ka Kheda for 11 am.

11 am: Returned to work site with teaching materials. Taught no one, because everyone was either working or eating.

12:30: Sarpanch a no-show. Decided to begin Kishore Balika classes with young girls, led by Shantaji.

2 pm: Of the four girls signed up for sewing classes two show up.They learned how to stitch a lehnga. Kanku Bai brought a dupatta that needed sewing. Jaana did the honors.

6 pm: Still no word from Ram Singh. My frustration at the man was short-lived; Lakshmi, Indra, and Manju came upstairs to study. Soon, Pooja and Vimla joined the trio. Radheshyam, Mithu, and Jasodha arrived next. Three hours later, we had to practically push them out of the study session.

The Sarpanch was a disappointment, but enthusiastic children raised my spirits back up again.

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