Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flying Time

The highlight of the morning was realizing neither of our phones was working. No calls, no internet. I experienced a brief sense of total isolation. After breakfast, Nikhil called Customer Service. They informed him that our phones would be blocked until our ownership was confirmed. Father's name. Address. City. Phones confirmed. When we purchased our SIM cards I recalled an Airtel representative telling us that we would receive a confirmation call. This blockage was that call, only three months late. A few hours later, our phones were fully functional.

This incidence seemed like a minor glitch, considering how the rest of the day shaped up. Some days just feel so darn good, especially when you're not teaching the same three letters over and over again for a week. Paanchi Bai and Bhuri Bai no longer scribbled wobbly letters on a slate. I promoted them to an Intro to Hindi Reading book. Now, they recognize letters and can form words. Progress. I left the literacy class feeling successful.

My euphoria carried over to the sewing class that took place right after. Shantaji began the classes yesterday with three girls - Rekha, Kali, and Jaana. The same three sat in Laduji's veranda today, as Nikhil attempted to fix a broken spoke on the sewing machine. Apparently, Rekha had been fiddling with the machine last evening and something malfunctioned. Shantaji was rebuking her repeatedly, but it was unnecessary. Rekha's apologetic silence conveyed her guilt. For the next two hours the girls stitched handkerchiefs on a diaphanous sari fabric. Shantaji took the broken spoke with her back to Baneda. She would have it fixed by tomorrow.

We've settled into a routine here at the Kheda. These sewing classes promise to be a refreshing addition to my day. In fact, the hours whizzed by much quicker than I expected and it was nighttime before I knew it. It's true what they say: time flies when you're having fun. I can't wait till tomorrow.

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  1. I hear a sigh of relief when I read about your success.