Saturday, May 15, 2010

Non-Spectacular Busy-ness

Shantaji moved into the Kheda in the morning. She rented a room at Chunnilal's place, no longer rushing after class to catch a tempo back to Baneda. Other than helping her move in I didn't find much down time in the day to make her comfortable. Rekha and Jaana refused to attend sewing classes (now at Chunnilal's home) due to some complicated family feud. I wanted to talk to Rekha who was unusually silent about the matter; under the guise of fetching water we went off toward the handpump. It turns out her father won't allow her to attend class at any location except her home. I didn't fully understand the reason why.

On my way back from Laaduji's I stopped by Meera Bai's place. A few minutes of chatter turned into an hour of laughter-filled lewd conversation, the details of which I'll spare you. Meanwhile, Nikhil jumped about on the road, playing Ice-Water, Kabaddi, and Kho Kho with the neighborhood's three-foot-somethings. Evening classes with the kids included the whole Nandram family. While the father slowly read through a children's book, Shanti Bai practiced writing her name. Nikhil tutored Radheshyam and Mitthu in English, while I guided Lakshmi and Jasodha, the latter already reading words. By 10 pm the last of the students went down the stairs and I was left wondering - how is it nighttime already?

Such non-spectacular yet enrichingly busy days are the most gratifying. Sadly, my exhaustion will not be rewarded with consistent sleep - a Bhajan party's megaphone just began blaring the harmonium-accompanied devotional chorus that will most likely last through the night.

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