Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Quest for Ghee - Part II

Amidst the sauna-esque humidity and air conditioned comfort of Delhi, I had plenty of time on my hands to update the blog. But I didn't. That is, until I knew the status of Asha's quest for ghee. Until I had a Part II.

It was important for me to know if Nikhil and I helped her. After three months of no real 'impact' a few people approached us for help. Meera Bai wanted to see if her husband's newly found Insurance Bond was still applicable. After a day of calls, visits, and more calls to officials we concluded it wasn't any good. Similarly, Bhuri Bai's name was misspelled on one of her paychecks, as a result of which she didn't get the money. There too we were unsuccessful in bringing about any fruitful results. So when Asha asked us for help in her ghee situation, I jumped at the opportunity to do something, to be useful.

To recap, Asha should have received five kilos of ghee, because she was a first time mother. The owner of the dairy didn't give it to her, even though he took her coupon and made her sign in a register. We took the complaint to the hospital where the supervisory nurse worked with us to file a complaint against the dairy owner. She took the case to the Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO) and promised us results.

Fast forward two weeks. I got a call from Asha yesterday, saying she got her five kilograms of ghee. Happy ending? The dairy owner still has a job. Through some pressure he let go of Rs 1000 worth of ghee. But after the hooplah dies down he'll resume his clandestine pocketing. And that's not okay.

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