Friday, July 16, 2010

At Last. Rain.

The clouds turned dark gray and a bit of lightning flashed flagrantly. Considering the weather patterns of the past month I thought nothing of it. During our nighttime class, a few raindrops plopped and splattered on the flimsy paper of five rupee copies. Lakshmi grew delirious with joy. "Rain! It's raining!" Vimla joined in the solo celebrations. The two began to dance.

After a few minutes, the drizzle stopped. The floor polka dotted with wetness dried up. We resumed the classes. Lakshmi and Vimla continued to dance. "It's raining! Hahaha!". Ignoring the two, I continued to patiently form words for a group of four I was working with.

The drizzle resumed, now a little heavier. It stopped. It began. It stopped. The Man/Woman Upstairs was clearly confused about which direction to leave the Rain Switch. By now, we had shifted under the narrow eave, protected from the rain. Learning and teaching went on as usual, save for Lakshmi and Vimla's hyperactive dancing selves. They couldn't get over the fact that the now dry ground had been wet for two minutes.

It was only after the kids left and I was about to doze off that the clouds released their burden. The rain poured down, leading to frantic families throughout the Kheda moving children and beds to dry area. Our bedsheet was slightly wet, but felt cool. Once inside, we slathered ourselves with mosquito-repellent Odomos and relished the cool air. Hardly ten minutes after it began the rainfall ended. As much as I wanted to go back outside to sleep, laziness and lethargy got the better of me. Dreamland was already beckoning.

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