Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deja Vu

Deja vu. It's only 8 pm, but no electricity for the second consecutive night gives one a feeling of it being much later. I am reminded of our first night in the Kheda, our first sans-light meal of daliya. Then too we sat in the light of a lone candle. Then too the still night was mildly cool. With the coming of the monsoons, the chirping of crickets has been replaced by a regular ribbit-ing of frogs. Tonight, there's no dearth of blithely ignorant insects jumping into the candle's seemingly harmless light, only to lose their wings or get roasted in the bluish-yellow flame.

With a month left, I'm reminded of our venture's beginning in February. Since then I've learned much more than I expected- from the reality of violence against women in rural and urban Rajasthan to perfecting the art of chapatti-making and everything in between. There are some experiences that stay with you for a lifetime. I have no doubt that Shreeji ka Kheda is one of them.

I realize such a reflection would be more appropriate at the end of my visit rather than with one month remaining. But what can I say- at 8 pm a flickering candle has found me in the mood for musing. Sometimes words don't do justice to the heaviness of thought. And so I pass the remainder of this dark, candle-lit night pondering in silence.

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