Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unfortunate Developments

It didn't rain. Part of me wanted to believe the annadata's prediction, just so the monsoon would begin, but it didn't. Clouds: you need to develop already. Get to it.

Other than the lack of progress in the monsoon department there have been some not-so-fortunate developments in the Kheda:

1. A little mouse friend decided to shock us upon our return. It was hardly 3 inches long, but I know a mouse when I see one. And regardless of size, I am mortified of the little critters. We plugged the hole of its entrance with lots of tape, but saw it on our roof at night. At least it doesn't show its face during the day.
2. Houseflies aren't a nuisance until swatting one leads to another landing on your face. Apparently, this is the season when Mama and Papa flies get busy, hence they are everywhere. Meals consists of eating with one hand and shoo-ing with another. They don't scare me, but are ridiculously annoying.
3. The handpump is broken. Seeing how ruthlessly women and children clanged and banged the poor contraption during its functioning, I'm hardly surprised to see it surrendered. So we resort to getting water from the borewell. However, we can no longer reach the new water source by cutting through the fields as we used to. The fields are furrowed and fences are properly sealed. Hence, we take a longer route which is quite scenic. Halfway back, my neck muscles start to feel the pressure of the matka on my head.
4. With hardly a month and a half left here, I feel we haven't accomplished much. Not that my goal was to change the village, but sometimes the satisfaction one gets from learning is not enough. It needs to be coupled with action to feel utilized.


  1. Very aptly put

    "Sometimes the satisfaction one gets from learning is not enough. It needs to be coupled with action to feel utilized."

  2. Hang in there.. a lot of times you don't realize what you learnt until when you start to use it :)