Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Adventure Lives On

We're back in Delhi now. Like a sweet-toothed child splurging on chocolates in a candy store I am relishing the luxury of fast internet, constant running water, plenty of electricity, and air conditioning at bedtime. I'm humbled by the comforts I have access to, grateful for the silver spoon in my mouth.

I am also grateful for extraordinary friends, people like Sarita and Bano Bi who are protesting at Jantar Mantar. I met them today, while many survivors had gone to Rajya Sabha for the debate on Bhopal in Parliament. The dharna site was sparsely populated, but people were in good spirits. When the monsoon crashed down on us, tarpaulins were tied and secured with lightning speed. We were dry under the makeshift shelter. The policemen and policewomen chai-ing it up a few feet away ('guarding' the protest I believe) joined us underneath the cover. I will not say much about the Bhopalis, other than they need the utmost support at this crucial hour. After fleeting media attention from the Empowered Group of Minister's report, the survivors are still waiting for basic facilities like quality health care and clean drinking water, things I take for granted. An excellent blog of their days is being kept here. Please pledge your solidarity in any way you can, and spread the word!

With the evening came more heavy rains. As much as I wanted to keep dry, the rikshaw ride home proved to be the drencher. I didn't mind. Darkness soon descended and evening crept by quickly. Nandramji called again. We had spoken to the family yesterday and managed to speak to more of the kids today. Nostalgia felt good. I can't wait to go visit them soon after Rakhi.

For now, Nikhil, Ani, and I plan to travel. Initially, the plan was Leh, but Ladakh is not in the best shape right now. Alternate last-minute made plans are always the best anyway. Tomorrow we begin our journey to the Valley of Flowers in Rishikesh. In the next week, I'm looking forward to gorgeous scenery, lots of trekking, and the thrill that comes with newness. And documenting my experiences of course. The adventure lives on.

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