Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Four Days to Go

"You're leaving already?"

Responses have ranged considerably:
*blank stares*
What did you do here?
You're not coming back?
It won't be the same without you.

There's no reason to be complacent about what I did or did not accomplish in this village. I came in hoping to learn about these people, to understand their needs and priorities, and maybe, to do something about it. I can confidently say I didn't bring about a change in the Kheda. I did learn a great deal about what life is like for the simple people of this hamlet. But I didn't learn enough. I want to know more, much more.

It's natural to feel a certain attachment to a community different from yours, a people who suffer from plights you haven't been through. Four years ago, a similar grief engulfed me as my six-month stay in Bhopal was coming to a close. I didn't want to leave.

However, as many of us might have experienced at some time or another, we have to move on even if we don't want to. Life can not be at a standstill for forever. The Kheda was not my reality; it was a haven away from the chaos of urbanity. That urbanity is my world, a world I must return to. Four days to go...


  1. Hope you enjoy your remaining 4 days there. What are your plans for Delhi then? Miss you!

  2. The plan is to apply for a Master's in Social Work at a few good schools in India...and then wait :)

  3. ah, I remember this plan :) exciting!

  4. what a unique concept that you took away and shared! i'm so impressed