Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Day at Shreeji ka Kheda

I wasn't as sentimental as I thought I would be. There was definitely an element of 'this is the last time I'll *insert activity here*'. Here are a few highlights from the end of our time in the Kheda:

1. A non-leaky breakfast of daliya. The joy of not having to wash a lid flooded with leaked daliya was spectacular.
2. Lunch and dinner with Shantaji - she invited us to her place for gaati and chaanch - it was delicious and gave us some more precious time with the always-chatty woman.
3. Watching a trashy Hollywood movie on my laptop. I decided I wasn't going to study all day. 'Nomad- the Warrior' wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but very Braveheart-esque.
4. A bunch of our students coming up to the veranda to sing songs, exchange phone numbers, take photographs, and marvel at Nikhil's Kindle.
5. Sitting with Nandram and Shanti Bai's family at night and spending time with their children - Jasodha, Radheshyam, Mithu, and Lakshmi. It was beautiful.
6. Sleeping on the veranda at night under a star-lit sky...and not having to rush inside at night because of 2 am rains.
7. Being lulled to sleep by our last Bhajan Party. The music and devotional songs lasted a long time; unlike our first few nights here, they didn't bother me.

Goodbye SKK. It's been real swell.


  1. We will miss your updates from Kheda. Hope you keep writing about next developments

  2. It's been great on the other side of the network too. Very inspiring to read each and every one of your posts.. keep up the good work, and keep writing!

  3. Hey Pragya & Nikhil,

    Loved reading about your experiences at SKK. Very touching and inspiring.. to say the least... I wish you guys the very best in your next 'adventure' and hope to read more from you about it as well!

  4. so sentimental! SKK will forever miss you!