Sunday, October 31, 2010


Camping with the family has never quite led to the amount of injuries and laughs I collected this weekend. Highlights of a memorable 1.5 days with my dysfunctional loved ones:

1. Staying in an air-conditioned lodge...not quite the camping experience I had in mind. But the bedsheeted-cozy-blanketed bunk beds didn't do much good. Nanaji's snoring and the very noisy mattresses ensured I slept as little as possible.

2. Grilling paneer and chicken for dinner. We overcame the windy conditions by surrounding the grill with bedsheets functioning as walls- we took turns holding the sheets taut to sustain the fire. Our neighbor-lodgers coolly stared at the spectacle we created. Fun times.

3. Skinning both my knees, burning my thumb on the grill, and dropping countless pieces of grilled goods in the dirt. I was under the impression that my limbs' lack of coordination was a phase that had passed. I was wrong.

Battlescars post repair.

4. Lots of tree climbing. Srajan and Nikhil joined me in getting in touch with our primate roots. The joy in reaching out above, beside, and below you (while shooing away unseemly arboreal creatures) arises the child in me. I missed that child.

5. Laughing while playing 7-Up. If you've never played it, you're missing out. If you've never heard of it, I'll teach you. I was wheezing by bedtime.

6. Not losing the card game of Judgement. This was big, because I usually lose.

7. Jumping off a cliff into the chilled water of Inks Lake. One word. Adrenaline.

8. Everyone oozed positivity. Even while my thumb was pus-ing I couldn't find a reason to complain. I think the technical word is 'suppurating.'

Team Bhagat-Gulati-Verma-Ganesan: We conquered the forces of nature, in all of its air-conditioned, bruise-ridden glory. Huzzah!


  1. LOVE ur camping adventures! Grilling paneer!? jumping into lakes? *sigh* If I were a bhagat! lol ;)

    ps. treasured sharing time with you in houston finally... u r oh so dearly missed! :(