Friday, October 1, 2010


Your All-American Neighborhood

The grocery stores seem all too familiar. The smoke-less air and horn-less's as if I never left.

Of course, being in America after eleven months in India isn't just about organized infrastructure and the 24-7 running water. It's about reconnecting with family and catching up with friends. It's about using the high-speed Internet not just to stalk Prison Break's Wentworth Miller, but reading up on the Babri Masjid High Court verdict and the Commonwealth drama unfolding in Delhi.

I took a jog/walk down the well-manicured Rockville neighborhood, eerily quiet. A group of dog-owners frisked with their canine friends in a park. Nearby, parents rooted for their adolescents, dressed in oversized football gear. It was all so...neat. So organized. A part of me misses the chaos of Delhi, the insanity that has become my reality. Silence and utopian order isn't a bad thing, it's just boring.

Nevertheless, I'm far from bored. We just spent a week in London, plan on staying in DC for three weeks, and then we're off to Austin for another three weeks. I do not know when my next time in the States will be, so I plan on taking full advantage of the pampering coming my way.


  1. And we are so ready to pamper you with all we got, welcome HOME!!!

  2. Welcome back Prags, we missed you and cannot wait to finally see you !!! :-)