Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Old memories. New beginnings. Funny stories. Lots of crying. More laughter. Sigh. It's 2011.

What happened in the past 365 days?
Let's see, there was the marriage. You know, that institution I never quite understood the importance of. It was meant for oldies. I'm one of them now and surprise, surprise- I love it. Not because of its legal or social importance, but because it's really just a lot of fun to live with your best friend. Forever.

We spent six months in Rajasthan, remember that? Many of you followed our exploits as our bourgeois selves, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, explored rural India without any credibility or experience to back ourselves up. We arrived, we saw, we learned, we befriended, we questioned, and we left, with many valuable lessons and more importantly, many valuable friends.

2010 involved lots of travel, and as a result, lots of lost cameras. But with it came a greater desire, to continue traveling, learning, and not lose cameras. I started going to the gym regularly; let's disregard the fact that this didn't happen until mid-December and the muscular strength I want is a long way from showing itself. A looong way.

I've given up on resolutions. If my mind and heart wants something badly enough, it'll get done. Which is why this blog eventually got updated after an eternity of absence. So this is my unofficial vow to update more regularly. While we're doing unofficial vows, here's a few more:

1. Keep traveling. Stop losing cameras.
2. Think actively, read ravenously, and write constantly.
3. Love myself- all the time.
4. Develop concrete ideas on what I want my future to look like.
5. Smile more. And laugh more.
6. Make pottery.


  1. loved it. good luck on the camera bit....and i loved your unofficial vows. so true and hit close to home!

  2. OMG, finally an update!!!
    Love you, love it. Keep writing there are some hungry souls out there, who will lap it up.

  3. i agree with mum-deary! YAY YOU'RE BACKKKK!!!!! :D i was in need of some catching up and ur blog always makes me smile! did i ever tell you ur my fave author (okay so maybe bc i don't read but it sounds better so now you know ;)) miss youuuuuu
    -who else, but me

  4. good one ! keep updating regularly. I love it.