Monday, February 21, 2011

Cookie Craving- The Beginning of a Mistake

It started with a deep craving for cookies. The rich, chocolaty, moist kind. The kind that Betty Crocker smiles down upon. The kind that melt in your mouth. Thus began my search for how to bake cookies sans oven.

All I had was a microwave. The Internet has plenty of "amazingly delicious bake-free microwave recipies". Most of them require ingredients like chocolate chips and dates and grated orange rind...which the Kirti Nagar Market doesn't hold. So I had to make do with vanilla essence, baking soda, sugar, eggs, and flour.

I was so excited I couldn't foresee what a disaster it would be. Ok, so it wasn't a complete disaster. I used plastic idli-molds to hold my palm-flattened blobs of dough. Seeing them rise through the speckled microwave window made me happy. They're supposed to rise, right? I must be doing something right. This relief was short-lived. Soon enough, smoke began to rise menacingly from the back vent of the microwave. Shit, shit, shit. Stop. Open. The microwave won't open. Shit, shit, shit.

This was my trial cookie. I looked at the bowlful of dough and regretted using 2 and 2/3rd cups of flour. This was sugar overdose. As the stench of burnt sugar wafted through the house, my cookie-craving died a sudden death. One cookie down. Fifty-four more to go.

I tried again, creating fairly edible pieces which Nikhil patiently sampled, chewing a bit too long as if contemplating whether he should tell me how bad they really were. But I couldn't waste all that dough, so I did what had to be done. I continued microwaving.

By the last batch of eight, I was disappointed, yet pleased I hadn't burnt anymore cookies. I patted the remaining powdery dough into two more cookies, placed them in the microwave, and set the timer at a comfortable one minute thirty seconds as I turned my back to wash the dishes.

Bad idea. While I scrubbed the slimy yolk off ceramic, an all-too familiar stench reached my nose. More microwave smoke. More expletives. And two charcoaled-sorry-looking-cookie-wannabees melted into the perforated plastic of idli mold.

Why do I even try?

p.s.- the above picture is not mine, it's from 'applesticker' on Flickr. Only they can make burnt cookies look classy.


  1. Awww! I give you tons of credit for the effort!! If I could fly.. I would send you a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies!!

    Well first you tried- half the battle won!!
    Next time put the timer for less time, also if there is some kind of setting in the microwave to reduce the power(read heat) do that. Try in a microwave proof plate, instead of idly mold. Just a few friendly suggestions. Oh and in place of chocolate chips- add small pieces of any chcolate-cadbury would work. Let us know how it went.

  3. thanks guys, i appreciate the support.
    @kogya: yes! that would be a dream, esp Tiff's Treats.
    @ma: you actually believe there will be a next time? lol

  4. awwwwwwwwww i'm struggling to not laugh so hard that my drink goes down the wrong pipe... YOU'RE ADORABLE & I <3 U!

    This reminds me of the day we made pasta at the ballpark for your family! You were so intent on learning and I must have been an awful teacher as I don't measure anything lol