Friday, June 17, 2011

Newness Love

New apartment. New flat. New life. New hopes, new experiences. I love new.
I had forgotten how fun classes can be. Perhaps it is the sign of a thirsty brain, craving stimulation after two years of mental bumness. Perhaps it is the opportunity to push myself in focusing my thoughts and ideologies that tickles my nerves. Whatever the reason, this beginning is leaving me excited in the morning, busy during the day, and exhausted at night. Come 7 am, I can't wait to discover what unexpected turns the day holds.

TISS is a rainforest. Literally. The density of the treecover decreases the temperature by a few degrees at the minimum. Every gust of wind brings a shower of water down on unprepared passerbys, the remnants of monsoon rains nestled in the leaves above. By the time I snap open my umbrella, the false alarm has been detected.

so rainforesty

So much rain. I don't believe I have ever seen so much precipitation. One can't help but relish each downpour as a treat, and the cool breeze post rain as a free gift. When I open the sliding door-like window in my room, I am reminded of Delhi's unforgiving heat. And I think to myself: Pragya, you're in ideal-climate-heaven. Appreciate.

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  1. Giggle!
    Welcome To Bombay (Mumbai) and Welcome to TISS, very nicely captured the essence of campus life. Let me tell you there is lot to unravel yet this place will show you the best 2 years of your life.