Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sleep, Ferrell, and Bhadrachalam

I hadn't slept all night, so any shut-eye was welcome. I managed to snooze for the two hour 6 am flight to Hyderabad and was quite sad it ended so quickly. Getting off the plane would require me to open my eyes which is not something I wanted to do. I heard the plane halt and resolved to keep my eyes shut until I heard the 'ting', indicating that seat belts could now be open.

Ting! I opened my eyes, only to find everyone already standing, luggage in hand, staring at me. What? Clearly, I was the misfit here. Yet another case of how rules are meant to be broken.

I spent the day at the home of Tejaswini, an AID volunteer who will also be coming to Khammam. I read some, but mostly stared at the television, marveling at how so many choices could lead to such poor quality production. Ridiculous soap operas, pass. Twenty minutes of commercials, pass. The Other Guys with Will Ferrell was on. He gave us a few good laughs. Oh, Will...How do you manage to make random sentences so humorous?

The Man Himself (Photo Credit:

After a hearty dinner, the four of us head out to catch the 9:30 bus to Bhadrachalam. Upon boarding, I reclined my seat, and closed my eyes. After a day of sleep deprivation, the dreams came quickly.

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