Monday, October 24, 2011


After the past two days of hectic traveling,  today was my day off. Naveen, Tatha, and Tejaswini soldiered on and visited Warangal settlements, but I planned on rejuvenating. Due to the Telangana agitations, the light has been going out regularly during the day. Since we would be in the field, it hadn't been that noticeable...until today. The heat was stifling, particularly in the rooms of the guesthouse. I opened the door and tilted my head at a very specific angle so as to extract the sliver of wind that would pass by every now and then. Yesterday, Suresh had purchased the DVD of the Telugu film, Godavari, but I failed to watch it during the mahua drinking session. Today, it was just me and my laptop, so I popped the film in and began what was to be hours of entertaining engrossment. It was a sweet romantic film, sans the action and violence often seen in South Indian cinema. The setting was a cruiseship going to Bhadrachalam, which made it even more interesting, because we were in Bhadrachalam! The ending was predictable and the characters amusing, which is all I could really ask for in my first Telugu film. Here's to many more!

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