Saturday, May 12, 2012


The following are excerpts from the interviews I have taken so far of women in Koliwada. They reperesent the diversity of their history and differences in perspective.

Ita Tai: 
When I was young my parents passed away. My family consisted of my family and my big brother. After my mother passed away my big brother also passed away. I used to work then in Anil Kapoor’s home. His parents raised me. First they used to live in Maitri Park. Now they are in Lokhandwala. Before marriage I lived there. Only they got me married off. I used to know Anil Kapoor, he even came to my marriage.  I was 9 years old, since then I was with them. At the age of 16 I got married. The wedding and engagement happened in their house only. The engagement was in there house, on the terrace. In the wedding, there needs to be a mama (mother’s brother). There was no mama, so Anil Kapoor sat down as my mama. Sanjay Kapoor was also there. It was a good wedding in a hall in Sion. 

Bebi Tai:
I sit in the market from 8:30 am or 9 am to about noon. I go home, cook food, wash clothes, fill the water. There is no happiness in our lives. It did not used to be like this. There’s no time to rest, there’s no time for myself. The lives of Koli people are not good. They are always doing this. It’s because they have not studied. Nowadays girls are studying. We did not study. If I had studied then I would be working. But I am not working because I have not studied. Koli men are only good if they work. Otherwise they are no good. If I had studied I would work and I would be happy. When I am with God at last then I will find happiness. 

Jayshree Tai:
 In my childhood my health was good, I did not have any problems. When I had my first child I had a ‘Cesaerean’. Then the second birth was normal. The third birth was also normal. Then I had an ‘appendix’ operation. This was after the delivery of my second daughter. When the girl was 6 years old, then I had an operation. After the birth of my son, I had another Cesarean. He was in my stomach for 2 months, then I had a fever. I used to feel cold. I went to the doctor, he checked everything. He did an ECG, and a fault came out. My ‘valve’ was open. He did an angiography at Jaslok. That went well. Then after nine months later I gave birth to a son. Now I am fine. 

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