Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Happy 9/11

It's 9/11. I just realized this as I was writing the date two seconds ago. I am so far removed from that reality now that it didn't even occur to me that today has once been a significant date for me. Eleven years ago, I had watched the twin towers fall...we had seen it on the television in Calculus class with Ms. Cunningham. That was a sad day, in stark contrast to what today was - a day full of laughter, songs, and music. We worked on preparing the final drafts of our resource maps onto the actual maps with the plots numbered and outlined. In true workaholic mode, I was the first to start and finish the first map, only to be told that it would have to be redone. I had coloured in too dark and the individual plots were no longer visible. Oops. No worries. Mankiji, my amazing field work partner, guided me patiently through the second map, and we were successful in completing it.

My routine is quite set now. I bathe in the evening, getting water from the handpump inside the office complex, filling 2 buckets with water and slowly carrying them 20 feet to the bathroom. I then work on whatever the organisation needs help with, or I work on my assignments. This is also the part of the day when I write about my experiences. Sometimes the light goes out (as it just did a few seconds ago), and if there's still daylight outside, I sit on the front porch. Evenings and night time are reserved for food, conversation, and fun. Tonight, we sang every possible song we could think of. With the help of a dholak, a shoe polish brush, a tambourine, and a dysfunctional harmonium, music filled the rooms of the VSK Chattarpur office. We sang for hours, and it was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite field work memories.

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  1. That day, among other things, I remember as being the 1st ever that you drove me to my bus stop in the Nissan Sentra. I remember thinking it would be an interesting day because of that.

    Your experiences sound awesome!