Sunday, September 16, 2012


Breakfast consisted of jalebis, puris, and aaloo sabji. It was divine. More so than the framed drawings of ‘divine’ Hindu gods and goddesses that plastered the wall in the dhaba where we were sitting. This God business is quite pro-unequality. Ram is taller than Hanuman in a photo where the two of them are captured in an embrace. Wasn’t Hanuman supposed to be bigger and stronger than Ram? Durga, or is it Kali, is sitting with the head of some dark-skinned, mustache-laden fellow. Who is she killing anyway, a demon who just happens to look like a lower caste man? Religion is awry with contradictions and complexities. The reason for this complexity lies in the scriptures having mythological roots. That is, they are stories with ‘ordinary’ people that possess extraordinary characteristics, who end up conveying moral lessons on how particular members of society should lead their lives. Preachy. Patronizing. Pretentious. That is what religion has been reduced to.

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