Saturday, September 8, 2012


Saturday. Already? Time is going by so fast I'm losing the concept of time altogether. Days and nights blur into each other like mixed oil paints. Additionally, my period has started, and taking care of used sanitary napkins is forever a tricky situation. I asked one of the women workers at yesterday's meeting what I should do with them. She took me aside and in hushed tones told me to keep them with me, to wait until the cleaning lady comes. There's a single trash can in the whole office and that is in the 'office' room, where people usually sit and work. More than 90% of these people are men. So where does menstruation fit in? It doesn't. Hide it. It's shameful. It's impure. It's to be kept from the world. This is what I've been taught and this is what she was also taught. Women will always have that in common. Shame on you, body. How dare you bleed? Someone was telling me the other day, even though he has a sister, he didn't really know what a period was until his second year of college. In fact, his mother used to tell him that a Dalit has touched her and that is why he can not touch her for the next few days. He would believe it. When he finally did know what menstruation was, he would poke his sister on purpose and she would complain to their mother. His mother then claimed that college had spoiled him. A reality in which the untouchability of a Dalit is used as a mask for the untouchability of a woman. What a world we live in!


  1. Love the post!! and ashamed of the reality. Yes in rural India its still considered as an impure state for women. We city folks take such small things for granted. Throwing the light on it, is indeed a step in right direction.

  2. I dont think its just rural India. My mom still has such views about woman being impure and untouchable during 'that' time. Even noe it is a pin to deal with if I am in India during my periods.