Friday, September 14, 2012


  It rained. Rainy days are slow, because we don't go to the field. We wait for the weather to clear up. So we waited, and worked on finishing up the maps. So much colouring. I have never coloured this much in my life. It can be cathartic, filling in jah, chaur, bari, and tad land in purple, yellow, red, and orange.
Breakfast consisted of a thick liquid called sattu, channa powder mixed with water. Topped with chaat masala and chopped onions, it's a liquid meal in itself. Upon finishing the glass, the owner of the shop poured some water in my glass, and I drank the remnants of washed up sattu powder. Even at 8 am, policemen were sitting in groups on benches, not doing anything particularly constructive. I have been told that the reason for these loitering State representatives is communal violence between Hindus and Muslims. There have been some kidnappings of Muslim girls who have allegedly been sent to Pakistan. Trafficking knows no boundaries.

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  1. Sattu is a staple diet in UP,MP and Bihar. there are many ways to eat it, you just had one of them. when my Dadima was alive, she used to send us(city folks) home made sattu powder(consisting of chana and jao-barley), which my mom used to make kind of fresh dough laddoos with gur, and we would relish it with aam ka teekha-khatta achar!!!