Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Theres something so peculiar about
A person who is in love
With herself
The kind of person
Who laughs at her own jokes
She dreams the kind of dreams that only she would understand
Makes perfect sense
In her head
Lives like
Leaves thirsty for sunlight
Reaching out towards that life giving
Force of beauty, joy, exuding
The wholesome goodness of
Love, all you need is love
Love is all you need
That’s what those mophead musicians said anyway
And I believe them
Because you see they knew
They knew what it was like
To be in love with yourself
To want to see your fingers, toes
Hair, nose, hands
Spidery, thin fingers, firm grip
Short, square nails,
Just like I like them
A body shaped like..well
A body not shaped like
Britney spears
Katrina kaif
Pamela Anderson
And whats her name…chitrangda singh.
A body not shaped like vogue, cosmo, filmfare
Silicone sexiness.
A body not shaped like an apple, pear, banana, man I am not a fruit
So stop comparing me to one
A body shaped like… my soul
Curves, dimples, bones
Some parts stay curled
Other parts remain straight
A body shaped like magic, like a surprise
I get excited thinking about myself
About all that I am, that I can be, that I will be
I love thinking about when I am 110 years old
My hair will be thin and wispy and my whole face will be
Full of folds, droops, hills and trenches, oceans and puddles
Each wrinkle rightfully earned and nurtured and loved
Because love, love
Love is knowing that I am not perfect
And loving it
The human-ness and finite-ness of it all
It will end, but lets just pretend
For now
That I am immortal
Unbreakable, undisposable
Cant be taken advantage of
Wont be laughed at, scorned, scrutinized, screamed at
Wont be pushed around, pushed over, groped, grabbed
Wont be raped
Wont be hated
Wont be raped
That’s a big one
My love for myself will conquer anyone’s desire to hurt me
To destroy my pride, my self-obsessed, self-satisfying, self-magnifying
Narcissistic, optimistic
Incredible desire to express my love
My love for myself

- PB

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  1. I love this poem. It's so refreshing to find a poem called Love on a blog- which is about love and the self- not the Other. In a world and a culture that is always making you feel you should be more- thinner, fairer, smarter, funnier etc. - just so you can be more worthy of its approval, to hold this view is a radical (and very underrated) act of social,emotional, and almost spiritual resistance.